History: Welcome to EmuAlliance the Re-Birth.

Emualliance has been around since 1997 and has been one of the best sources in emulation, recently the site has gone through alot of problems and even closed for a while, but nothing is stopping the new Emualliance from being back on top again. So whats going to be better? Well we have been trying to get back our reputation, with this new, crisp appealing layout, staff and Irc based fans. We promise to uphold our integraty, and will not be angering our fans or peers by uploading leaked betas. We will once again become one of the best sources in emulation.

ZSNES is an acclaimed emulator for the Super Famicom and SNES rom video game systems. Since 2001, ZSNES is free software, under the GNU GPL. It was originally DOS-based, but has since been ported to Windows XP, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Due to being written in assembly, ZSNES is very fast, allowing it to run most SNES games at 50-60 frames per second with a computer that has a 400 MHz Pentium 2 CPU and 64 MB RAM, with full stereo sound and basic graphics interpolation. (ZSNES is largely written in Intel x86 assembly language, and is therefore not portable to other architectures, such as PowerPC.)

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Hosting an Emulator: If you have an emulator or project and you would like to be hosted just provide us with information about yourself, show us your intents a brief history of your programming skills, project.

Hosted Pages/Sections: If you would like to be hosted the requirements are

1. No illegal content, profanity, pornography or roms/warez.

2. No site bashing,people bashing etc.

3. No stealing of others content nor vaporware/hacked emulators/software: if you can live with that welcome aboard *also* if possible make it unique.

Staff/Newsposter/Maintainer: Send in previous experience or if you have general html knowledge, photoshop, cgi etc contact us.

Thank you all for your time and keep visiting this is a new era at EmuAlliance, it is the Rebirth...

Well the site is very bare at the moment, expect all sections to be up and functional towards the end of the week. For now we plan to provide you with the latest emulation news till we can do a bit of catching up. Message boards, polls are being worked on as we speak, our current projects are recruiting sections, hosting and getting new emulators hosted: So if anyone is interested, or you have an emulator or site on a bad server show us your content or your emu project by emailing us the url. If you are making an emulator and would like to be hosted or are planning on making and emulator contact us we can provide you with the proper hosting you deserve, also please do no send us any files before asking first.

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If you're interested in licensing or reselling in your country, please feel free to contact us We offer exclusive licensing or reseller volume rates.      read more...

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If you're interested in licensing or reselling in your country, please feel free to contact us We offer exclusive licensing or reseller volume rates.      read more...

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